i'm pretty sure i've shared this video before. 
but after yesterday i felt like i should share this again. 

at my grandma's funeral yesterday all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren sang this song, I Am a Child of God.
my mom told me later that there was a time in my grandma's life where she was struggling with some doubts of who she really was.
soon after, this song was released and helped ease my grandma's worries.
she felt the love of the Savior and knew that she was truly a Daughter of God. 

this song has special meaning in my life and once hearing my grandma's story it reiterated what i already knew to be true, that the Savior loves me

i know He sent me here.
i know i am a Child of God.  
and i know that He helps to lead and guide me each day so that i may live with Him again someday.

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Grace Lynne Fleming said...

beautiful. thank you for sharing.