my FIRST holiday gift guide

this holiday season i'm pleased to announce my very own
i thought about doing this for a little while but was unsure since there are a lot of other people i know who are putting them together as well. 
but then i decided, "eh, why not?! one more can't hurt!" and am putting my feet forward to make this happen. 

i'm really really excited about it!!
i'm excited to help promote so many shops and businesses
{for FREE!}
and present some really fabulous gift options. 

i thought about doing when i was thinking of my own wish list.
each year,  Adam and i write out our detailed Christmas lists so we know what to get each other.
i feel kind of silly doing it, like i'm a greedy little kid at Christmas.
but i'm a big list person in general and it really is helpful so we can get the perfect gift.
{and we always throw in our own surprises too so it's not just what they already expect.} 

and since i'm a huge lover of lists, i thought,
why not create one big awesome list of the BEST gift ideas?
i'm always looking for ideas.
i'm sure you are always looking for ideas.
so let's get these ideas together!! 

good idea?
i think so :) 

so here's the details: 

:: this is FREE promotion for any shop/business that would like to be included 

:: the holiday guide will run from the day after Thanksgiving {Black Friday} to just before Christmas [to account for shipping]
(i am a big big believer in not celebrating Christmas until after Thanksgiving which is why i chose these dates)

:: by signing up to be included in the gift guide, you also get a free 100x100 sidebar ad for the months of November & December 

:: there are also opportunities to do a giveaway for your products for further promotion

:: the gift guide will be promoted through the blog and social media and will have a permanent link on the sidebar through the holiday season 

:: information is due not later than NOVEMBER 3RD to get all the information put together. 

:: there will be different categories for the guide such as For Him, For Her, For Kids, For the Home, etc.

:: readers get to benefit from some perfect gift options for their loved ones [and able to find it in a organized way based on the categories] and get special discounts
who doesn't love saving money?? 

:: and there will be more info to come as i work out the details
[this is my first ever gift guide so still trying to work some things out] 

if you would like to participate please fill out this form so i can get your information.
if you have any questions/concerns/suggestions please feel free to email me at

can't believe the holidays are almost here!! 
get excited! 

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Ashley Brooke said...

great idea! my sister-in-law has an awesome etsy shop, so i will forward her the link to this post! i'm sure she'd be interested!