Happy New Year: CSN $20 Gift Certificate Giveaway!! -CLOSED-

Just in time the for the New Year, I present…..


The wonderful and fabulous CSN Store is sponsoring this giveaway for a $20 Gift Certificate to use at one of their 200+ online stores! These stores are amazing and you can find whatever you need there be it Health and Fitness Equipment, stuff for babies and kids, or modern dining furniture!

I have a tendency (as I am sure most of you do as well) of planning out my dream house decor in my head and taking little mental pictures of what I want it to look like. The first on my list, is to redo my bedroom and get a new bedding set. Its too hard to decide on one bedding set since CSN has so many great choices but I do love this one!

Montreal Duvet Set (1)

Also, if I had the space, I would love to be able to finally decorate Elijah’s room. I saw this bedding and think it’s so cute! I love the little owls. What do you think??

Owls Crib Set in Sky

And Adam and I always talk about how we want to grow fresh herbs one day for cooking. I saw these little herb pots and thought they would be awesome to have in the kitchen.

Herbs Pot Holder

Anyways, these are just a few things that I like at the CSN Stores.

What about what you like??

To enter to win the $20 Gift Certificate, browse the CSN website and then leave a comment on this post telling me what you would use the $20 for {and/or} about one of your New Year’s Resolutions. (Please keep in the mind that the $20 does not cover international fees.)

You have until midnight, January 5th to enter and I will announce the winner on Thursday, January 6th.

I think this is a great way to start the New Year off right! And a great way to meet some new friends that may have been too shy before. (I see the little visitor ticker showing people from Missouri, Virgina, California and more. You are welcome to enter too!)

I hope you win!!



One B+ and One A (in the hardest and best class I have EVER taken at BYU, thank you very much!!) for Megan

One B+ and Five A’s for Adam


it may not be perfect, straight A’s…. but I think it’s amazing nonetheless!


I’m pretty sure I told Adam I was going to quit school all the way up until a couple of weeks before school ended. Not only were my classes (or really the one class… did you read the fine print above) a lot of work, but I was extremely sleep deprived and worn out from trying to keep other people alive. (Adam’s included because well… let’s be honest. He would be nothing without me :-))

But I did it!!

And I did it with flying colors!

I’m so proud of me and Adam for sticking with it even when this semester felt like it was going to kick our butts hard.



Now on to next semester….. let’s hope I have a repeat of this post in April!


these pictures of Mr. E. make me literally {laugh out loud}

so I want to share.

I LOVE this kid!!

DSC04755DSC04775 DSC04698

until next year…


“Christmas is over, Elijah.” –Adam


but boy was it fun!

happy Christmas to me!!

Best Christmas Present: Wii Fit telling me I would be better and healthier if I gained 20 pounds.

Healthier if I gain weight?!?!?!

Thank you Wii Fit for giving me a boost in the body image department!! I don’t know if I fully believe you but I’ll take it.

In your face WIC people for calling me fat!! I still hate you guys for that, by the way.

we believe


Kris Kringle

St. Nicholas

Father Christmas

Swiety Mikolaj

Pere Noel

Babbo Natale


Santa Claus!


Merry Christmas

love, Elijah

hello high hopes, don’t mind if i crush you


someday, maybe i’ll tell you about the biggest rollercoaster weekend of my entire life

and how we spend 19 hours in the car and still ended up back in Provo

and how i’m pretty sure Adam has never seen me cry so hard/be so upset

and how I’ve never seen Elijah have so much energy after being trapped in his car seat for extended periods of time


but right now, i’m doing my best to block out the last couple of days in my mind

i’ve learned to be okay with living in denial for the time being

i’m sure soon i will look back at this and laugh and realize there was a lesson to be learned…



it will probably not be soon.


my boy, Fido


now that Mr. man is a master crawler, he follows me around all day.

literally. all day.

i go to the back room, you hear a little patter of hands and knees moving across the kitchen floor while he jabbers “Na na na na!! na!! da da da tttttsss na na!”

i go to the bathroom and he crawls over banging on the door or comes in and starts playing with the toilet paper.

i go to the bedroom, Eli is right behind me and sits near my feet playing with shoes while i fold clothes.

doing dishes is the trickiest because he comes over and sits next to me/plays with the dustbin/tries to stand up using my legs and runs the risk of falling hard on the kitchen tile linoleum

if you choose to eat around him, he will crawl as fast as his little chubby knees can go and whines/begs for a bite.

DSC04687DSC04688(i also may/may not stay in pajamas all day. even after my shower. i’m so classy.)

“This is not food for babies.”

“Na na na na!!!! (bursts out in tears)

if crumbs drop on the floor, Eli will pick it up for you (with his mouth)

yep. i have my own little puppy dog to follow me around.

it gets rather ridiculous at times… like when i just want to go to the bathroom…

but most times, me and Adam are cracking up hard over his insistency and determination to be by my side constantly

oh, my sweet little pet!

note:  in no way do i treat my child like an actual dog. he is a human, this i know and treat him as a child of God. promise. :-)

music to my ears!

i love free things

love love love

free free freeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

(said like Oprah when she gives away stuff)

as many other people have posted already, Shutterfly is giving 50 free Christmas cards!

and since we’re poor, starving college students, of course i jumped at the opportunity to shamelessly promote their website on my blog so i can send out brag photos of Mr. E.

i’m thinking this lovely Christmas card which will highlight E’s chubbiness perfectly


i also love these desk calendars to give to my parents. just so they are constantly reminded of 3 good reasons to move back to the states (babies growing, chubby babies you can’t help but squish, and of course me!)


and who doesn’t love these adorable Holiday cards?


hopefully i can get a sweet picture of Eli like that. it would be perfect!


i {honestly} do love Shutterfly so i’m really excited about this giveaway. i have made photo books with them before and they always turn out amazing. so you should definitely go check them out and order your Christmas cards through them.

and if you like freeeeeeee, go here and sign up!

but hurry. sign up ends tomorrow so don’t miss out!

what’s it going to hurt

I figure since I’m already revealing what an awesome parent I am, it wouldn’t hurt to share this extra footage.

We think it’s hilarious.

 Is that totally horrible of us??


But I’m sure other parents have videos just like this and think it is equally as hilarious.

Kids are for enjoyment right??

I’m sure that’s totally wrong.

But whatever. Enjoy!!

Adam scaring Elijah from Megan Robinson on Vimeo.

you deserve an explanation

Tuesday 3:14pm

BYU Police officer shows up at our door

“We got a 911 call. Is everything okay?”

Our faces are totally shocked. Adam is holding Elijah when he opened the door.

“Well…. he was playing with my wife’s cell phone earlier. He might’ve accidentally called….”

I check my phone. The numbers “08” were dialed and it was titled SOS.

Apparently, calling nonsensical numbers equals a distress call.

That could be a good thing if you are bound/gagged/dying and you can only dial 2 numbers.

But it is not a good thing when babies like phones.

I swore I locked the keypad. But either I really didn’t (which I swear I did) or little E really maneuvered the keys well and unlocked it.

Which honestly wouldn’t surprise me. He typed this on my computer once:

{{“ RETYHUJK./!  /:

Notice the use of the exclamation mark and other symbols that need two keys pressed at once. And he successfully made an “ambiguous shrug” emoticon face.

He’s a genius I tell you.

The officer honestly didn’t seemed bothered by it at all. He showed up with his hands in his pocket and a nonchalant look on his face like he was bored and this was just something to pass the time during the nonexistent blizzard.

Here’s the catch though. Elijah called SOS at 2:37pm. The cop showed up 37 minutes later.

No exaggeration!

What if there was an emergency??? I’m a little nervous what would happen if I got electrocuted or had a seizure and was lying on the floor for 37 minutes until someone showed up…

But anyways, that was the excitement around our house on Tuesday!

That and Elijah falling off the bed… Yes. We have been nominated for Parents of the Year awards and I’m pretty sure we are going to win