what’s it going to hurt

I figure since I’m already revealing what an awesome parent I am, it wouldn’t hurt to share this extra footage.

We think it’s hilarious.

 Is that totally horrible of us??


But I’m sure other parents have videos just like this and think it is equally as hilarious.

Kids are for enjoyment right??

I’m sure that’s totally wrong.

But whatever. Enjoy!!

Adam scaring Elijah from Megan Robinson on Vimeo.


Traci Butler said...

Haha cute! His face was so funny.

We had a video like that of jack on our blog called peek-a-boo gone wrong... it was hilarious!

Traci Butler said...
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milbert said...

So Sad! The other day I put some of the powder from sour skittles on my finger and then in Aurora's mouth. Man it was fun as she pulled the sour face. Oh the great things we do as parents!

Melissa said...

hahahaha i may have laughed outloud at this. poor baby.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...