music to my ears!

i love free things

love love love

free free freeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

(said like Oprah when she gives away stuff)

as many other people have posted already, Shutterfly is giving 50 free Christmas cards!

and since we’re poor, starving college students, of course i jumped at the opportunity to shamelessly promote their website on my blog so i can send out brag photos of Mr. E.

i’m thinking this lovely Christmas card which will highlight E’s chubbiness perfectly


i also love these desk calendars to give to my parents. just so they are constantly reminded of 3 good reasons to move back to the states (babies growing, chubby babies you can’t help but squish, and of course me!)


and who doesn’t love these adorable Holiday cards?


hopefully i can get a sweet picture of Eli like that. it would be perfect!


i {honestly} do love Shutterfly so i’m really excited about this giveaway. i have made photo books with them before and they always turn out amazing. so you should definitely go check them out and order your Christmas cards through them.

and if you like freeeeeeee, go here and sign up!

but hurry. sign up ends tomorrow so don’t miss out!

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