hello high hopes, don’t mind if i crush you


someday, maybe i’ll tell you about the biggest rollercoaster weekend of my entire life

and how we spend 19 hours in the car and still ended up back in Provo

and how i’m pretty sure Adam has never seen me cry so hard/be so upset

and how I’ve never seen Elijah have so much energy after being trapped in his car seat for extended periods of time


but right now, i’m doing my best to block out the last couple of days in my mind

i’ve learned to be okay with living in denial for the time being

i’m sure soon i will look back at this and laugh and realize there was a lesson to be learned…



it will probably not be soon.



holli h. said...

Megan,I'm so bummed that you guys aren't going to be in California. But please don't let ANYTHING, no matter how disappointing, ruin your Christmas. I love you so much, and I'll be over to play with E as soon as I get back!!

Rachelle said...

I'm sorry travel plans didn't work out. But that picture of Eli is super cute.

Amber Marie said...

ah, c'mon provo isn't THAT bad! it could be worse- you could be in texas ;) eli does look cute in that picture. have fun starting your own family traditions!

p.s. eli's present is in cali...jakey will bring it to you i guess. and we got yours.

Megs said...

it's not that I don't like Provo. it's more of the fact that I just really need a change of scenery and a break from this last semester. it has just been a really hard couple of months with school and taking care of Elijah it would have been nice to have a vacation of sorts. and especially to see family and have them see how much Eli has grown. but yes we will make the most of it here... it will be okay.