you deserve an explanation

Tuesday 3:14pm

BYU Police officer shows up at our door

“We got a 911 call. Is everything okay?”

Our faces are totally shocked. Adam is holding Elijah when he opened the door.

“Well…. he was playing with my wife’s cell phone earlier. He might’ve accidentally called….”

I check my phone. The numbers “08” were dialed and it was titled SOS.

Apparently, calling nonsensical numbers equals a distress call.

That could be a good thing if you are bound/gagged/dying and you can only dial 2 numbers.

But it is not a good thing when babies like phones.

I swore I locked the keypad. But either I really didn’t (which I swear I did) or little E really maneuvered the keys well and unlocked it.

Which honestly wouldn’t surprise me. He typed this on my computer once:

{{“ RETYHUJK./!  /:

Notice the use of the exclamation mark and other symbols that need two keys pressed at once. And he successfully made an “ambiguous shrug” emoticon face.

He’s a genius I tell you.

The officer honestly didn’t seemed bothered by it at all. He showed up with his hands in his pocket and a nonchalant look on his face like he was bored and this was just something to pass the time during the nonexistent blizzard.

Here’s the catch though. Elijah called SOS at 2:37pm. The cop showed up 37 minutes later.

No exaggeration!

What if there was an emergency??? I’m a little nervous what would happen if I got electrocuted or had a seizure and was lying on the floor for 37 minutes until someone showed up…

But anyways, that was the excitement around our house on Tuesday!

That and Elijah falling off the bed… Yes. We have been nominated for Parents of the Year awards and I’m pretty sure we are going to win



Amber Marie said...

don't worry about eli falling off the bed. both my kids have also, multiple times. it's bound to happen. especially if you are co-sleeping.

that story is a little shady- on the officers part- for two reasons. first, camilla has dialed so many random numbers on my cell phone over the past 4 years and i have never had a call back or a cop show up. second, the cops can't trace a cell phone to an exact location, especially to an apartment! from what i understand they get a latitude and longitude and start looking around for the caller. either the cop was going door to door after getting a call or he wasn't a cop and was casing the joint to see who was home :)

Adam said...

Actually im sure he is a cop because he pulled me over for speeding the first month we were in wymount...and he came to my singles ward with his partner for sacrament meeting. BYU has legit cops.

becky said...

"ambiguous shrug"... ha ha ha! love.

Amber Marie said...

I know they have legit cops. I'm just saying those are some weird points to think about.

Jenny said...

You changed the background and stuff! It looks really good! Just thought you should know my opinion. :)

Megs said...

I think because we live on BYU campus and my number is registered with the school and campus police in case of emergencies that is how they knew where we were. Plus, the numbers were titled "SOS" so it must be an on-campus emergency number system. I guess it seems weird but it does make sense that they would know where the call came from since my number is in their system.

and thanks Jenny! I was nervous if it looked good so I'm glad someone said something :)

Amber Marie said...

ryan votes it's possible too. like you said they could just look up the address the number is registered too. still, random. and for eli to just happen to press those numbers in that order and then call...maybe he really is a genius. i'm starting to become a believer!

Jody said...

lol that's to cute, jaxson loves our cell phones and has figured out how to unlock both of them..babies are too smart for their own good..and they whole rolling thing..jaxson has rolled off the bed in the middle of the night and the dont' feel to bad, and i love the video of your husband scaring elijah too cute.

leean robinson said...

Ah, now we understand. and maybe Elijah is a genius.