my boy, Fido


now that Mr. man is a master crawler, he follows me around all day.

literally. all day.

i go to the back room, you hear a little patter of hands and knees moving across the kitchen floor while he jabbers “Na na na na!! na!! da da da tttttsss na na!”

i go to the bathroom and he crawls over banging on the door or comes in and starts playing with the toilet paper.

i go to the bedroom, Eli is right behind me and sits near my feet playing with shoes while i fold clothes.

doing dishes is the trickiest because he comes over and sits next to me/plays with the dustbin/tries to stand up using my legs and runs the risk of falling hard on the kitchen tile linoleum

if you choose to eat around him, he will crawl as fast as his little chubby knees can go and whines/begs for a bite.

DSC04687DSC04688(i also may/may not stay in pajamas all day. even after my shower. i’m so classy.)

“This is not food for babies.”

“Na na na na!!!! (bursts out in tears)

if crumbs drop on the floor, Eli will pick it up for you (with his mouth)

yep. i have my own little puppy dog to follow me around.

it gets rather ridiculous at times… like when i just want to go to the bathroom…

but most times, me and Adam are cracking up hard over his insistency and determination to be by my side constantly

oh, my sweet little pet!

note:  in no way do i treat my child like an actual dog. he is a human, this i know and treat him as a child of God. promise. :-)


Melissa said...

he is so cute. i wish zak would crawl cuz he gets so angry!! i love your little munchkin. he's precious precious.

Jan Hill said...

Enjoy him now. It won't be too long before he's running away down the hall with you chasing him while he's laughing up a storm. Still cute, but a whole lot more exercise.

leean robinson said...

He's a strong little guy. He will be walking in no time. Good luck with that one. I love those chubby thighs!