no more sneaking

I am no longer a baby! (As of July 7th, this is old.)

Even though I still act like one....

I am officially a REAL adult! (until I turn 25 and can rent a car... but we'll leave that alone)

21 baby!!

Adam was the best birthday celebrator partner.

1. Made me breakfast in bed and gave me a beautiful bouquet of a dozen roses. [As you can tell by the nice display in the picture. He took it so I could brag about him. Nice boy.]

2. Took me shopping for my much needed {and wanted} clothes. I'm pretty sure he got sick of my old clothes too. Like my new outfit!?

3. Bought me KFC for my long-time desire to have chicken in a bucket. [Too bad I got pretty sick afterward though...]

4. Made me cupcakes with my favorite frosting RAINBOW CHIP and sang me happy birthday.

He was really sweet and made my birthday special! I am very grateful for him and for all that he does for me. I couldn't have asked for a better husband.

[He's singing in the car to me. Love the falsetto!]

The next Sunday, my sister Rhiannon and her family came up to visit and brought me a cake. It was really fun to visit and the cake was amazing!

I am really glad she lives really close and we can visit often. Rhiannon and her family are so fun to be around. and always there for us when we need them. Thanks for coming!!

Happy Birthday To Me!