How We Wore It // Fashion Collaboration

This month's Fashion Collaboration inspiration is from Robyn Vilate and is a fun, casual outfit. 
Perfect for a mom on the go especially in the ridiculously hot summer months. 

This was the original:

I love how she is able to make such a simple outfit look so cute. 
And seriously her hat inspires me. 
I don't think I can pull of hats! 
But I'd love to try so I don't have to do my hair as often. 
Even though it reminds me of my awesome concession days at BYU ;) 

I didn't really have any of the elements of her outfit except a hat and some {fake} converse. 
But decided to try my take on a casual, day-to-day outfit. 

[shirt: Target // skirt: c/o BellaPia Designs // shoes: free swap pile // hat: Adam's :)]

I traded in the jeans for a comfy, lightweight maxi skirt from BellaPia Designs
I think sometimes maxi skirts can be almost heavier and hotter than pants. 
But I love how soft and lightweight it is and it's perfect for the summer. 

Also, yeah, I should wear hats more. 
And not ever get ready again :) 

Your take on hats??

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