{classic} floral & stripes

[dress: c/o eShakti // shoes: Kohl's]

My favorite pattern combination by far is floral & stripes. 
In my eclectic opinion it's just classic. 

So when I saw this dress from eShakti I was all over it! 
Not only is it my favorite print, 
and favorite colors, 
but it's easily one of the comfiest dresses I own. 

And these shoes are just amazing and I try to pair them with anything and everything I can think of. 
When I wore this to church, one of the male leaders in the ward kept asking, 
"How are you standing???" 
And I just threw my head back and laughed and said, 
"Oh easily!!" 
Then tripped on the way to class. 

Then all the Young Women wanted to try them. 
And I guess that helped solidify my new reputation of, 
"Sister Robinson has the craziest style."

So... I'm feeling pretty good about all that. :)