One B+ and One A (in the hardest and best class I have EVER taken at BYU, thank you very much!!) for Megan

One B+ and Five A’s for Adam


it may not be perfect, straight A’s…. but I think it’s amazing nonetheless!


I’m pretty sure I told Adam I was going to quit school all the way up until a couple of weeks before school ended. Not only were my classes (or really the one class… did you read the fine print above) a lot of work, but I was extremely sleep deprived and worn out from trying to keep other people alive. (Adam’s included because well… let’s be honest. He would be nothing without me :-))

But I did it!!

And I did it with flying colors!

I’m so proud of me and Adam for sticking with it even when this semester felt like it was going to kick our butts hard.



Now on to next semester….. let’s hope I have a repeat of this post in April!


Katy said...

You're amazing Megan! Congrats!

Amber Marie said...

congrads! one more semester to go and you will be a BYU alum :)

then they will send you emails and mail for the rest of your life asking for money!

Jenny said...

Go Megan!! And I guess Adam, too. Haha.

John smith said...

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