a week of firsts

Elijah rolled himself up in the blanketElijah rolled himself up in the blanket and thought it was so funny

First time Elijah put his head under the faucet in the bath. It totally freaked him out then he went back for more.

First time Elijah called 911 and we had a cop show up at our door

First (and second time…) Elijah fell off the bed (Hi, we’re horrible parents!)

First time {since I’ve been here} BYU has cancelled school for a snowstorm (that didn’t happen….The Storm of the Century/2K-ten was a bust)

First time Elijah nursed after a month hiatus (Mama was very very happy! until he decided to stop again…)

First time I cooked a Thanksgiving dinner from scratch (minus the pie crust…more on that later)

All in all, it has been a crazy/fun/happy/heartbreaking/stressful/awesome week!


Melissa said...

he called 911?? oh my goodness! that's so crazy. i wonder why your man is being feisty with nursing. that's so frustrating. we need a play date soon. =)

leean robinson said...

Explain the 911 call. What did you say to the police when he showed up? Did you put it together immediately what had happened? Cute pic of him wrapped up in the blanket.

holli h. said...

That kid is hilarious! I need more EJ in my life.