don’t let the smile fool you….


i had no idea what i was in for when i got ready for my last year of college with a new baby.


at i’m not even full-time. i have a whole new respect for those girls who are taking 12 credits {and more!!} after having a baby while their husbands are also in school.

i thought it would be easy.

two classes

two hours/three days a week

piece of cake.

yeah right. going to class is the easy part.

[minus today when elijah had two major meltdowns before i could go to either class]

there were so many times i told adam i wanted to quit.

what is my major really good for anyways?? [human development?? i’m still wondering what marketable skill i’ll really have after all of this… instead of left with time lost/major debt]

papers, tests, readings, syntheses….


baby tugging at your pants whining




husband gone most of the day then comes home to do his own {papers, tests, readings…}


all the other stuff a wife is supposed to do


the stresses of the other wife-y things not getting done



i can’t wait until this year is over.

i absolutely cannot wait!

but even more, i can’t wait until i can look back on this time and say:


cause adam is right.

i’m going to be proud of my degree [marketable skill or not]. and i’m always going to be proud of having my little chunker.

and i’m going to be proud that even during such a horrendously stressed out time, i got to spend it with my little babe and get to know each other.

{even if i do want to run away sometimes….}


Sara said...

so true.

Katy said...

You can do it Megan! I look up to you so much for still pushing to finish your degree. That will be such an accomplishment!

Daniel and Whitney Condie said...

Megan, I totally admire what you're doing. I want to quit and I'm only pregnant.

I went to an event the other night and the speaker talked about how women with degrees who are mothers are really sought after by employers. Why? Because they developed the most marketable skills known to mankind through their experiences as mothers (conflict resolution, patience, critical thinking, problem solving, humility, budgeting ... you name it).

Really, the degree is the "ticket" that says, "I'm educated." Your most marketable skills are being fine-tuned and perfected as a mom. Add that to your education experiences and I'd say you've got a pretty good resume.

I have to keep telling myself this over and over and over.

(Sorry for the novel!)