a few of my favorite things


  • the way Eli scrunches his nose when he smiles his {big} smile
  • when Eli raises his eyebrows when he looks at you
  • how he’s learned the sounds “DDD” and “NNN” and all day says “duhdada nerner nana buboo dader” and sounds like the Swedish Chef
  • Eli’s {army/inch worm crawl} that has just recently turned into a more synchronized movement that quickly gets him stuck under the table
  • when he waves his arms & legs ferociously when I come home from school with a huge grin on his face
  • his little Mowgli half smile
  • the way he slowly {rubs my face and arm} as he falls asleep (then digs his nails in my nose… not a favorite)
  • the way he closes his eyes, holds my face {and smiles} as I kiss his cheeks
  • how he crawls to me and scratches at my legs when he wants me
  • or how he crawls on top of me in the morning to get my attention and kisses. sweetest wake-up call (even if it may be earlier than I’d like…)
  • his undeniable love for his mama and papa. and MAN, we {sure dang} love him back

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