mover and shaker

did I tell you guys Elijah officially crawls now???


as of right now, we love it more than hate it. but I know soon he’ll start getting into things and we’ll probably learn to miss how he used to sit immobile in his crib and sleep allllll day long.

oh wait. we actually do miss the sleeping all day long part.

but Eli actually plays by himself soooo much better now that you can actually start getting things done more than 3 minutes at a time.

so we {}

and I even think it’s endearing when he finds me in the kitchen doing dishes and [crawls/whines over to me and sits at my feet looking up at me with puppy dog eyes until I pick him up.]

a puppy = very, perfect description of Elijah (in more ways than one)

maybe some day I’ll write a blog post about that to show you the similarities.

but for now, enjoy this cute video.

Elijah crawling from Megan Robinson on Vimeo.


Melissa said...

ummmm.... i'm jealous. he's not anywhere close to crawling. lucky ducks!! =))

Michelle said...

Your child is adorable. And I used to always tell my older sister that her child was just like a dog. Not to be mean, but it is so true! All the mannerisms and such. Anyway. Good job on makin a freaking cute child!