we’re in trouble now


Elijah learned how to pull himself up yesterday.

he looked at us and smiled like it was no big deal.


we’re in biiiiiiig trouble now

soon he’ll be climbing on things…. walking…. getting into things he shouldn’t

what happened to just being a blob of a baby that used to just lay there?

he’s only 7 months!

i love my big fat baby

but boy do i miss my little scrawny dependent newborn

standing up from Megan Robinson on Vimeo.

(he started trying to stand up while I was doing homework so I grabbed the camera real fast to video tape him. which is why this is kind of all over the place…)


Melissa said...

AHHH! ALREADY!!! Good luck!! What a cutie! (Carson hasn't figured out this trick yet and I must say that I'm chanting for him to wait! Can't I stunt his growth and keep him little?:) Enjoy that sweet baby!

Amber Marie said...

he will be an early walker at this rate. that is how camilla was. in some ways it is fun becuase they can explore on their own...but it also makes it harder when you HAVE to keep them in your arms and all they want to do is MOVE!!

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

hahaha LOVE this!

leean robinson said...

Love how he looks so triumphant when he gets all the way up. Too cute.