super star 5: fun facts friday

{to learn why i call it Super Star 5 read the first post here}

i love hearing/reading fun, random facts about other people that you normally wouldn't know when you first meet them. 
so i thought it would be fun to dedicate Fridays to sharing each other's fun facts with one another! 

i'll share 5 random tidbits about myself first and then would love to have anyone who would like to participate share your fun facts and link up your blog post below. 
[you can also just share your 5 fun facts in the comments if you don't want to write a blog post]

then, go and visit each other's blogs and get to know some new friends! :) 

here are my Super Star 5 Fun Facts! 

1. when i was 9 or 10 i had to get stitches in my lip from getting hit in the face with a swing. i remember thinking it didn't really hurt when i first got hit but then once my cousin told me i was bleeding i started freaking out. i have a little scar on the right side of my upper lip but you can hardly see it. i guess it helps that i have chicken lips so you don't notice as much.

2. i have really weak ankles and twist/sprain them often when playing sports {or doing anything really}. they also pop anytime i walk. my dad always joked that i could never be a cat burglar cause you can hear me coming a mile away. i have even woken up Elijah because of them. it's embarrassing... 

3. in college, i fiddled and sang in a folk ensemble group. i was terrible but it was so fun and definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. i wish i could do it again. 

4. in elementary school i would make up awesome dance routines for talent shows and was so incredibly proud of my moves. my parents would try to gently encourage me to ask a friend of our family's who was a dancer to give me some choreography tips but i always thought i was pretty set. then once, at a church talent show, i got so nervous and forgot all my moves i made up to the Star Wars theme song {i know, awesome choice of song right?} and some boys in the ward made fun of me. i stopped dancing solo in talent shows, or anything else, after that. 
[but i still love dancing!! which brings me to my next fact...] 

5. i love dance parties like nobody's business. it was almost a deal breaker that Adam didn't like dancing crazy as much as i did. but then he pulled some awesome moves at a party once and it sealed the deal. 

dance party with Adam. such babies!! 
now it's your turn! 
link up your 5 Random Facts posts or share some fun facts of yours in the comments below. 
be sure to then visit at least two other blogs who linked up and comment on their posts. 
i want to make this all about getting to know each other better so let's go and make some new friends!

can't wait to read your posts!


Amy said...

1. remember when you sprained your ankle when we were walking to our bowling league freshman year??!
2. dude. you rocked that folk group. stop being modest.

Amberly said...

Ah!!! I have weak ankles too!! Mine don't pop near as often, but sometimes they are out of control and drive me insane. I think they're stronger than they used to be, but I used to fall of the ends of my tall shoes ALL the time and I've twisted/sprained one of them more times than I'd wish to admit!

Alisha said...

Hahaha nice moves! I'm sure your mom and dad have videos of you dancing in elementary some where. We HAVE to find those!! Priceless ;)

My knees are awful. I've put so much pressure on them from playing sports since I was five. They pop ALL the time. Kind of worse than an elderly with arthritis ha!

katilda said...

ooh i love all these! i play the violin too! And now i want to be in a band. Also, I haven't linked up one of these posts yet but you should know that I now randomly always think "hey that's a random fact about me" and then I forget to write them down. I am hereby committing to write them down so I can link up soon. haha