my drops of awesome

there is this really great article that has been circulating the interwebs that a few friends sent to me called Drops of Awesome. if you haven't read it to us, you need to. 
basically, the writer knows all my own, ugly thoughts about myself and it's like she's writing from my own journal. 

i'm sure most of us have those days where we feel like we aren't doing anything right. 
or when we are doing something right, we remind ourselves about when we messed up and it ruins our little bubble of confidence. 
{i mean, that's really not just me right?} 

as i have been thinking about this last day and week and beating myself up about how i can't handle my kid and i suck at motherhood, i was reminded again of this article. 
yeah, i'm not the best mom. or wife. or friend. 
and i don't say that to get pity. it's the truth. none of us are perfect. 
but i did get some awesome things done today. 

my Drops of Awesome for 3/25:
- i dusted and vacuumed the whole house, including underneath the couch cushions. 
- i made Elijah more than just dry cereal & chocolate milk for breakfast. 
- i cleaned {half} of the bathroom and the mirrors. 
- i ran [well, mostly walked] about 2 miles this morning. 
- i visited with a friend this afternoon and it was fun. 
- and i made us all lunch. 
- and Elijah ate his grapes. 
- i cleaned my room. 
- and cleaned the kitchen/did dishes.
- i didn't let Elijah watch TV all day {since we were visiting with a friend}.
- i actually got to shower without Elijah. AND he didn't get into the eggs while i was in the shower.
- i made dinner before 7.
- i painted more than 3 fingers.
- and i'm actually writing a blog post. 

none of this feels like much. 
especially when i still felt like half my day was spent with tears in my eyes out of frustration. 
but looking back, it helps me see that i'm not so crappy. 
and tomorrow is always another day. 
and i can get through it if i keep thinking of all the little things i am accomplishing. 

we all are better than we think we are!

so here's to another day and some more Drops of Awesome added to my bowl! 
and not looking backwards.


AbsoluteMommy said...

I love it. Usually when you make a list you realize you really did do something. I know how you feel, like some days nothing gets done. Keep collecting your drops of awesome!!!

Unknown said...

I read that article a few weeks ago and seriously think about it ALL the time. Also, I'm loving Elijah's Cougar spirit! ;)

Ruthie Hart said...

what an awesome way to keep track of the good things in a day... sometimes it's the tiniest things like showering that make us feel SO much better!!

Amberly said...

I love this! It's funny because I have a similar post that I'm working on to post on my personal blog at some point in the next month. I LOVE that Drops of Awesome thing. I was thinking the other day that when I'm better about writing in my journal each day and not just playing catch up once a month, it would be cool to put drops of awesome at the end of each entry to remind myself each day!

Kylie said...

I LOVE that article. I actually used it in my RS lesson a couple weeks ago, and did the object lesson she describes. It went perfectly with Lesson 6 in the manual, and I felt it was a great way for all the sisters to relate. My RS president wants me to share it again in June when she does her lesson. Haha.

katilda said...

Dude, it sounds like a whole list of awesome to me! I would be so proud if I accomplished half of these things! My version of "having a toddler" is "having to be at work all day." Both of these things take up a lot of time! I think any little extra we can accomplish after our main time-dominating task (you + toddler, me + work) is finished is an ACHIEVEMENT.

Unknown said...

This post makes me want to be your friend. I often feel the same way you do!

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

Your son is just darlin.

Yea I feel like I dont do things right over half of the time. and even when I get things done I feel that way. Sucks but we're only human and everyone makes mistakes.

Kassi said...

Sounds to me like a busy day!! ;) You are awesome friend. We all need to be reminded sometimes though.

Stephanie Perkins said...

I absolutley LOVE that article! I need to print it out and hang it in my house as a reminder cause man alive I need it!

Meghan said...

Love this concept!