sweetest moments

this grainy, black & white picture has captured one of my absolute favorite moments this weekend. 
after a fun morning of playing with kids, a puppy, and chasing around chickens, Elijah scooted over to me on the couch, nuzzled himself under my arm, and fell asleep all cuddled up to me. 
[which never ever EVER happens. he cuddles but doesn't fall asleep]

and then when i went to put him in his bed he said,
"night night mom, i wuv you, bye." 
heart in a puddle on the floor. 

and moments before this, i was frustrated because he was whining at me for chocolate candy. 
oh, how quickly he can wrap me back around his chubby little fingers again. 

Eli is a big snuggler and it is one of my very favorite qualities about him. 
no matter what happens, if he sees me sitting or laying on the couch, he will be make a spot for himself and lay right next to me. 
it's impossible to ever just have my own space. 
if i move, he will move right next to me again. 
i have to remind myself that i will miss it when he doesn't want to be snuggled right up to me all the time so i should enjoy it as long as i can. 

this kid gives me a run.for.my.money. 
i have breakdowns every day over the frustrations of trying to get a toddler to listen and obey. 
{no exaggeration} 

but then Elijah, in all his sweet innocence, wants nothing more than to just be by his mama and i think to myself.... 
i guess motherhood isn't that bad after all. 
if only for these precious moments, it makes it all worth it. 
[usually... :)] 


Amanda Schroeder said...

That is so tender. I saw that photo either on IG or Twitter. He is so cute. And you are the cutest mama.


Amberly said...

I love your mom posts! :) They make me so happy! And I think you do a great job of being real! So many mommy bloggers only post the happy, good moments. I think you have the perfect balance. This post is so loving and great, but at the same time, it shows the raw feelings that you have sometimes and how frustrated you get! :) (I was reading all of your "favorite" posts this weekend because I hadn't done that yet, and that's just what I kept thinking through the entire thing!)

Unknown said...

Such a cute pic! I know how you feel, my 4 year old absolutely drives me crazy. Those moments where she's snuggly and sweet are what make it worth it!!

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

sweet picture. So precious. It's pictures like that you need framed and up on a wall! :D

Myranda said...

Such a sweet picture. I love these moments, seriously it is what gets me through sometimes :)

Meghan said...

So sweet!