super star 5: fun facts friday

i love getting to know people and hearing their funny/interesting facts about themselves.
i like knowing the fun things that make them unique.
so i thought it would be fun to dedicate Fridays to sharing our fun facts with one another!

i'll share 5 random tidbits about myself first and then would love to have anyone who would like to participate share your fun facts and link up your blog post below. 
[you can also just share your 5 fun facts in the comments if you don't want to write a blog post]
you can then go and visit each other's blogs and meet some new people!

here are my Super Star 5 Fun Facts! 

1. i ran cross country in 9th grade as a way to stay in shape for track. but i basically didn't try at all cause i'm lazy. i would always stay in the back and just told everyone i was the motivator and cheer everyone on, ha. then at one meet our best runner was hurt so my coach asked me to "step it up." i ended up coming in 14th out of 80 or more girls which was pretty decent. then the next day at practice i went to back of the group again. :) moral of the story: i could probably try harder in life.

2. when i was little i used to cut my bangs all the time. i once cut them right before we had passport pictures taken so in my passport picture i have a big bandana on my head to cover them up. one day my grandpa told me if i cut my hair again he would shave my head like Charles Barkley. and i never did.

3. i met almost all my favorite bands except one [a few pictured below]. i tried not to fangirl too much even though i was crying inside out of sheer joy each time.

meeting Mae with my friends Doug (in the white shirt) and Lauren.
meeting the singer of Copeland (in the black) with my friends Adam, Myles, and Doug.
meeting Eisley with my friend Amy (in the red).
4. in junior high my friends and i had a really great idea to make our Halloween costumes... out of butcher paper. i don't remember why we thought it was great... but preteens always think they are awesome i guess. so we dressed up like hula dancers and made skirts and bikini tops (that we wore over white shirts) out of paper. it was cool. until i see old pictures then i think it's hilarious.

5. i once tried out for BYU Young Ambassadors but was so embarrassed by my singing portion of the audition that i didn't go to the dancing audition. in my defense, they told me an hour before the audition time that there was an opening and i had to have two songs memorized. so... basically it was a train wreck. dreams of being on Broadway dashed.

now it's your turn! 
link up your 5 Random Facts posts or share some fun facts of yours in the comments below. 
be sure to then visit at least two other blogs who linked up and comment on their posts. 
have fun with it!


Breenah said...

Out of the three bands that you posted I only recognize one name (Eisley) and couldn't tell you who the non-band members were in each picture (except you).

Amberly said...

Umm.... that last one would be totally nerve racking! I'm a wreck for auditions even when I'm super prepared! But I tried out for Little Women last summer at a community theater and they told me the week before my audition to come with a monologue memorized, and those are not my strong point (I can sing in front of people no problem) so I was a wreck through that whole thing.

Unknown said...

I LOATHE auditioning for like anything! Butterflies and tears and just general yuckyness.....good for you though to at least ATTEMPT it ;)

I had lots of friends on the boys cross country team hahaha

Kassi said...

Ooh that's a good idea! My niece just cut her bangs for the second time... Maybe a little Charles Barkley action is in order! ;)

Jenn @ What You Make It said...

So cool that you've met so many bands you like! I feel ya on the singing - I am just too nervous to sing in front of people!

Anonymous said...

I love this -- I'll have to start thinking about my "5 things". And I think I met Eisley years ago -- if I'm remembering correctly they went on tour with -- or opened a show or two with Switchfoot :)

Christine Marie said...

I love the layout of your blog! The header and side bar are the cutest! xo

Meghan said...

I hate auditioning. Same goes for interviewing!