super star 5: fun facts friday

i love getting to know people and learning their funny/interesting facts about them that make them so unique. so i thought it would be fun to dedicate Fridays to sharing our fun facts with one another!

first i'll share 5 random facts about myself and then would love to have anyone who would like to participate share your own posts through the link-up below. 
[you can also just share your 5 fun facts in the comments if you don't want to write a blog post]
then go and visit each other's blogs and get to meet some new friends! :)

here are my Super Star 5 Fun Facts! 
here's an embarrassing picture of me to get you through this day. i couldn't find any picture that actually fit my facts. :)
1. when i was a senior in high school i went with my dad, his colleague  and one of my friends on a 24-hour trip to Punxsatawny, PA for Groundhog's Day. it was the weirdest, craziest celebration i've ever been to. like seriously, people go crazy for that little rodent!

2. i'm still afraid of the dark. especially dark closets and bathrooms. i've seen too many scary movies and will start hyperventilating just thinking about it. 

3. i'm pretty sure i'm the only person in the world that doesn't love Nutella. i will tolerate it but i'm not the biggest fan. 

4. same with crepes. just give me pancakes please!
{this a problem because Adam loves crepes and makes them often. but as hard as i try i can't eat them all the way. i promise i'm not ungrateful. sorry kind husband!}

5. when i was 5-6 years old my family lived in Poland for a year because my dad did a Fulbright exchange. i don't remember a lot of big things but i remember lots of little details. Adam doesn't believe me but i do! 

now it's your turn! 
link up your 5 Random Facts posts or share some fun facts of yours in the comments below. 
be sure to then visit at least two other blogs who linked up and comment on their posts. 
have fun with it!


KaseyQ said...

Confession: I’ve never even tried Nutella! Seriously!

Amberly said...

I am so afraid of the dark!!! my husband makes fun of me. Our closet has to be shut at night or else I can't sleep, and I won't get up to shut it. Also, husband LOVES to turn off the light while I'm in the bathroom and shut me in there. So cruel!!!

Unknown said...

#3 and #4! Nutella is okay, but I'm not over the moon about it and I think creeps are gross! I only tried them once and haven't since!

Unknown said...


Kassi said...

Yeah I'm with you on the Nutella and crepes. If someone else brings them or makes them I'll deal with it, but you won't see me choosing them on my own!

Aubrey said...

i'm with you on the nutella and the crepes. thought i was the only one, but i guess not.

Ian and Bonnie Gutzman said...
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Ian and Bonnie Gutzman said...

I'm not a Nutella fan either. That's basically like committing murder over here in Germany ;)

And I am sooo scared of dark bathrooms...well, mirrors mostly. If I use the bathroom at night I close my eyes so that I can't see the mirrors.

Meghan said...

#1 is so crazy, sounds like an adventure!