things i'm loving lately

- how cushy toddlers make life seem. just give Elijah some Lucky Charms, an episode (or 12) or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and some good cuddling and he will love you forever.
- i feel like my life depends on this skirt. i think i desperately need it in my life.
- this DIY for bow-ribbon flats. i feel like this is the next best thing to fulfill my ballerina dream. plus they are adorable!
- the way Elijah bows after you tell him "good job!" he loves the attention. he's totally my kid through and through.
- the sweet spirits of little children.
- Eli's concern for his friend when he saw that he had hurt his head. he's very sensitive to head injuries these days. i wonder why....
- this amazing and powerful article of the divinity and power of womanhood.
- this article that called all the mommy-judgments out. finally.
- and this parent who said everything that all other parents need to hear (and possibly wanted to say at one time or another).


Sailor July said...

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has such sweet memories for me. None of them involving a little Angie, nor children. xP Years ago, during a seasonal job, Jen and I would fall asleep to the Disney Channel. One of our "happy channels." Mickey Mouse Clubhouse would wake us up, and the theme song reminds me of that time. Good feeling!!!

Also that skirt is GORGEOUS and SO you!

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

LOVE that he bows! I can just imagine :) So sweet!

Kristine -The Foley Fam {unedited}

Kylie said...

Not quite as fancy, but here are a couple of tutorials for tulle skirts. I'm dying to make one of my own.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I just went and read Sister Holland's article on womanhood and I LOVE it! I can't say enough about how true, timely and inspiring it is. I definitely needed to read that today, so thank you for the link!

Emily and Jake said...

Seriously the cutest thing that her bows! And you got to love cuddle time. Those are probably the best moments with little ones.

Nicole said...

just posted about the article you shared about not being a terrible parent! it was SO good.


Brittany T. said...

Ok, your son is just sooo cute!!!
and i've bookedmarked the article about the divinity and power of womanhood! :)

Unknown said...

Or 12. Totally there... my kid watches way too much tv.
That last article...every parent needs to read that one!

Messy said...

Thanks for the shout out on my ribbon bow flats :) Your so sweet!


Elizabeth said...

love the pictures :) so adorable!