things i'm loving lately

some things i'm loving as of late: 

- how Elijah eats with chopsticks. hilarious.
- this gratitude journal idea. i need to start this. 
- have i told you yet that i love Mega Stuf Oreos? mind blowing. 
- this great marriage post

- looooove this headband. so creative and so so cute!
- this dress. can't handle it. 
- Parks & Rec marathons. basically been watching it every day and LOLing hardcore. by myself. it's not sad. 
- this toddler color match activity. great idea to keep Eli busy and learning new things. 
- Elijah's new stunt when he wants to get out of something, "Mom, I just need to talk to you." clever boy.


- i need new recipes for our dinner rotation and can't wait to try this
- this hilarious post about what bloggers say or do. right on target. 
- funny story: when we were walking out of Wal-Mart one day this elderly lady called out to us, "Do you want some free grapefruit??" we had no idea who she was and never eat grapefruit but felt bad saying no... so we said sure! so now we have a big bag of grapefruit and don't know what to do with it. thankfully i just found this awesome tutorial for using grapefruit to mop the floors. sweet!

what are some things that you are loving on this boring Thursday? 
maybe that tomorrow is Friday?? 


Kelsey Eaton said...

Haha Elijah is hilarious and the grapefruit story? super random.

katilda said...

a. I own the yellow lace Target dress! I bought it for myself for my birthday. It is true love.

b. That is also how I eat with chopsticks.

Unknown said...

I'm really enjoy your blog! How old is Elijah? I want to do the color matching activity with my two year old! Also, that graditude journal it!

Kylie said...

Is it bad that I'm proud of the fact I haven't done most of the "blogger things" in that hilarious post link? She forgot to mention the awkward "How do you know her?" "....I read her blog." Good times.

holli h. said...

I Freakin LOVE grapefruit! that's all i eat when i go home. Well, that and burritos. It's kinda sacrilegious that you are planning to use them to mop the floor! Send them to Utahhhh.

Amberly said...

AH!!! I'm on your blog!!!! Had a serious excited freakout over here! haha, I was like, "Oh, a marriage post, I want to read!" and then I click on it and it's me! I am so glad that you love my Monthly Marriage Goals. I didn't realize they would be so popular, I thought people would think I was crazy! Of course, all of the posts that I think are going to be the lame ones end up being the ones that everyone likes!

P.S. Mega Stuff Oreos?! Are those better than Double Stuff? I may have to find some, where do you get them?

Jordy Liz said...

I do a "21 Graces" link up every Friday that is similar to a gratitude journal - feel free to come by and see it tomorrow! :)

Happy Thursday!

Ashley said...

I love Parks and Rec too! I always laugh!

Amber Marie said...

Mmmm grapefruit is super yummy. My mother in law makes a grapefruit pie! You are good to do activities with Eli. I'm sure he loves it.

Carly said...

Omg, that's my dress! You just made my day :-)

Off to check out the rest of the links now!


Alicia said...

Try broiled grapefruit! or

Unknown said...

HAHAHA Elijah is super cute & so funny, bless him!!

Love your blog hunny

Lotte xo

amanda said...

Love the pics of the little guy!! What a cutie...

Also, the gratitude journal is a must. Have you ever heard of Ann Voskamp? She wrote "1000 Gifts" based on this idea of finding 1000 gifts from God in her daily life. I heard about it in a bible study, and the speaker said it was one of the two biggest things that changed her life and happiness in her marriage. I've been doing it for about a week now and have just 22 listed, but already feel closer to God, happier and more grateful for what I have...

Luanne @ Crochet My Heart said...

cute kid!
New follower via GFC blog hop. Nice to meet you!

And hope you can help me win these paper crafting tools too

Thanks! Luanne