this last week Adam had off from school and it was glorious
we loved having him home and being able to spend time together. 
and i especially loved his extra patience & energy to care for this little rascal. 

Adam is actually a much better stay-at-home-mom than i am. 
he woke up with Elijah almost every morning over break, 
made him eggs or crepes or something other than dry cereal for breakfast, 
cleaned the house before lunch time each day, 
worked on flash cards with Elijah, 
and basically was the awesomely fun parent while i did nothing. 
[though i did get sick halfway through the week so i did have an excuse... but he's still better.]
we even got to go out a few times because i wasn't alone to wrangle a kicking toddler in the shopping cart. and even then Adam could stop Elijah from throwing tantrums before they even started.  
a skill i have yet to learn. 

i am really grateful to have a husband that is so hands-on and helps out a lot with raising our son. 
as Eli gets older, i am reminded more often how much i rely on Adam. 
and that we are a team in all of this parenting stuff. 

just like our marriage, our parenting is a partnership. 
and every day i'm even more grateful that i get to do it all with Adam. 
he really is my better half! 

[and now he's back at school and i miss him a lot already... when can school be over forever?!?]

::: and the winner of the February Group Giveaway is.... 
LIZ E.!! 
CONGRATULATIONS! i will be emailing you soon. 
and thank you to everyone who entered :)


Meghan said...

I have a feeling my husband will be the same way:) Love that photo of your two guys!

Ian and Bonnie Gutzman said...

School ends and then full time career begins. Blah! We love it when daddy gets to be at home a little extra, too. :)

Anonymous said...

It's so important for dads these days to be hands on. We need it, the kids need it. My husband gets up with the kids, plans fun activities and handles the splashes and spills so much more gracefully than I do. It's great to have good men in our lives!

Amber Nicole said...

I feel the same way about David.
Any time I start to whine about how hard it is being a stay at home mom, he likes to brag that he manages it just fine when need be but I just remind him (and myself) that there is a different in a few days/hours vs every day/every hour. I like to think that if the roles were reversed, he'd feel as stressed/exhausted as I do most of the time.

Ashley said...

I am so thankful that my husband is such a hands on dad and really does a lot (most) of the cooking around here. It makes my heart so full to see him be such a caring, attentive dad.