this little guy….

little rugrat

is sick.

we could hear him cough all through the night Friday. i could hardly sleep because i was so sad for him and his poor little body. his cough sounded horrible and painful. we decided to take him to the doctor first thing in the morning.  turns out he has croup.

i had gotten a small cold beginning Wednesday and Thursday and it started getting a little worse each day (to the point where now i have no voice and can only whisper). then Eli started to show signs but we didn’t realize it would turn into something so bad….

the doctor told us to keep an eye on his symptoms since croup could lead to RSV and it has been going around lately.

my poor baby

it has been a hard couple of days/nights

i apologize for my blog absence

i will post more soon

(including posts about our holidays since apparently 21 people really want to hear about it still :))

::: in the meantime, check out some new additions to the blog! i added an "Question & Answer" section under the “Ask Me” tab as well as the link to follow me on Twitter. i’m still a little new to the Twitter craze so let’s all be friends :) i will also be updating the Robinson Family Cookbook (and have added some new recipes if you haven’t seen them lately). and don’t forget the Stronger Marriage Blog!


Amber Marie said...

sorry to hear that eli has croup. hopefully it will just pass in the next few days. there seems to be a lot of RSV going on around here too. thankfully it usually isn't as much of a concern with older babies like dane and eli. poor little eli! hope you guys are getting some rest too. camilla's coughs have kept us up many, many nights!

Megs said...

I hope so... Earlier last week we went to a play date with another little boy and he was coughing pretty bad. Later on we found out that he has RSV and two ear infections! I feel so bad... and it makes me even more nervous for Elijah... hopefully he'll be okay!