playing catch up: New Years

for New Years we went to a friends house from our ward and partied with them. we pretty much played Wii all night until we looked at the clock and realized it was 4 minutes til midnight. so then we turned the channel so we could watch the ball drop.


(getting ready to go to the party)

I always feel like my New Years’ parties never go how I want them to go. but this one was definitely awesome!! though we didn’t do much, it was so much fun to just sit and talk with friends. we don’t get much social interaction so this was a very much needed night for us to reconnect with people.

plus it’s awesome when other people want to play with your baby so you can actually enjoy yourself.

love love LOVED it.

thank you Jessica and Ben for having us over!!

now some pictures:

we bought Elijah this hat to wear for the party. he was pretty good about it at first.


and then he totally hated it.


(Jaxson is the other boy in the picture. he’s looking at Eli like he’s nuts)

Elijah like the noise makers we got.

party animal 2


he’s a party animal!

party animal


later we went outside {in the freeeeeezing 10 degree weather} to light some sparklers we brought


(the gang freezing outside while we try to get the sparklers lit)


p.s. our new camera is wonderful & awesome and we got some pretty great shots because of our spiffy fireworks setting. love.


DSCF0347DSCF0348  DSCF0344 

[that says NEW YEAR 2011 if you didn’t catch that]

we had a blast and made some awesome new friends. guess another reason to be glad we stayed in Provo huh?

and in case you were wondering, yes we kept Elijah up til midnight. I know, we’re such {horrible} parents. whatevs. he went right to sleep when we got home though



holli h. said...

I envy your camera.

Amber Marie said...

a fireworks setting? what kind of camera is that? looks cool though.