playing catch up: Valentine’s Day

okay guys. LAST ONE!! I hope you really do like this. and those 21 votes weren’t just made by one person….

but either way. here is the recap on Valentine’s Day.

so like I said on this post, Adam was gone for Valentine’s Day which I was pretty bummed about.

I love Valentine’s Day not because it’s got the whole “day of love” thing going for it…

but because it’s ARIZONA’S BIRTHDAY!!!

and you all know (or should know) how much I just LOVE Arizona.

so we celebrate it almost every year.

I say almost because this year was too busy to do anything special like make a cake and blow out candles like we always do….


freshman year arizona's birthday


sophomore year arizona

(2009 is excused because this happened….)


(2010…. also the awfulness of this picture is excused because I was pregnant)


also, like I have said before, Valentine’s has special meaning to me because it was the day I said “YES” to being with the most wonderful man for eternity!

buuuuuuuut, since Adam was going to be gone we didn’t do much.

we decided to celebrate a little on Sunday where I made a nice romantic dinner for the two of us (which took like 5 hours to make with Adam recovering from being sick a couple of days before and watching Elijah… but it was worth it!)

as an appetizer, I made bruschetta with, what I thought was, my own little twist


then for dinner we had salad, creamy spinach (which might look weird I realize but was good), twice baked potatoes and steak

valentines dinner

I made steak last year for Valentine’s Day, but I was an amateur. this time though, I really think I did it right. it was sooooo good!!

then for dessert I made molten chocolate cake


Adam loved it but I’ll be honest, I wasn’t that big of fan. I am just more of a milk chocolate person and I didn’t realize that the Baker’s chocolate was more of dark,bitter chocolate. so I was kind of bummed… but it still worked out I guess.


on the actual day of Valentine’s, we were rushing around trying to get everything ready for Adam’s interview down in Arizona.

then once he was off, my friend Crystal (who is one of the people in this websites banner) (the pretty black girl:) )came over to keep me company so I wasn’t so lonely. we feasted on Cafe Rio and talked and laughed and it felt so good to spend time with her. I haven’t been able to see her much since I quit work at Student Services and oh how I’ve missed being around her!


and then little E was just cute.

valentines Eli


so that pretty much sums up what we did to celebrate. Adam told me that he was going to make it up to me some weekend… though that has not happened yet. but I trust it will eventually when things aren’t as busy around here.

it was nice just to have a special dinner together which is something I hope to make a tradition for years to come. 



well guys, thanks for letting me play catch up with all of our holiday happenings!

I will try to stay on top of it better….

though I may still struggle here and there :)

:::p.s. sorry there are so many links in this post!

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