to me……..

Valentine’s Day is many things.

    • it is a day to celebrate love
    • it is a day to celebrate my {favorite} place
    • it is a day to remember the most important question ever answered
    • and it is a day to ravish sugar

yes. ravish.

let me explain a tad.

Valentine’s Day is obviously the day of love and mushy things and super super cheese. DSC03886

[breakfast in bed: heart-shaped pancakes and “I Love You” spelled in powdered sugar]

and i love cheesy things. {so hurray, good day.}

it is also Arizona’s birthday. did you know? i learned it in fourth grade. i’ve never forgotten. and i celebrate it every year. DSC03902

{so it’s a good day.}

but also, sweet adam proposed to me on Valentine’s Day. so hello!! {it’s a good day.}DSC02932

and then to top it off. i’ve always enjoyed it for the candy. besides Halloween, it is one of those holidays that getting/giving/eating ridiculous amounts of chocolate and suckers and hardcore sugar goodness is never looked down upon. and it is even encouraged. so it is a {very  good day.}

plus you get those lovely themed Valentine’s cards that say, “Puppy Love” with pictures of dogs wanting to kiss you and stuff. always good.

here’s our list o’ fun activities to ring in

Valentine’s Day 2010.

  • adam came home from class will a lovely bouquet of flowers for me and i gave him giant milk chocolate lips. we both loved our gifts.DSC03894
  • went to dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory on Saturday night [which i had never been to and i won’t tell you how dramatic i {may} or may not have been]
  • went to THE CHOCOLATE a dessert cafe. oh my oh my. i absolutely loved everything about it! the house, the decor, the selection of sugary goodness, the atmosphere…. love love love. [well the cupcake was different…. but adam’s brownie was divine] i want to have my birthday party thereDSC03882  DSC03876
  • went to see Valentine’s Day the movie. i rate it a… B? maybe? we weren’t phased with the two main choices of love interests. Ashton will always been the dumb Kelso on That’s 70’s Show to me and Jennifer Garner always looks like she can beat anyone’s A if you mess with her.
  • breakfast in bed {as before mentioned}
  • i made a exquisite three course meal of shrimp, filet mignon and chocolate mousse. adam said about the mousse it was the best dessert he had ever tasted. score!             DSC03896 DSC03899
  • for his real present, [not that chocolate lips are horrible] i made adam a loving album filled with our pictures from when we dated, old love notes and memories of the things we did. i ended with what i wrote in my journal about us getting engaged to celebrate our one year anniversary of saying yes! he liked it. i get tears looking at it. it was a good choice.
  • we made cupcakes and homemade frosting to celebrate Arizona’s day of statehood and blew out a candle. adam thinks i’m weird, but he absolutely loves me so it’s okay. he’s a good sport.         DSC03903

our first Valentine’s was a success and we had a lot of fun. i love adam and he loves me. and we don’t need Valentine’s to prove it. but it is a lovely day to remind each other anyways. and as always, to reinforce our love for the Grand Canyon State!

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Yay Arizona! :)