my little baby

i feel bad for him today.

morning sickness is come back. i woke up {more than once} in the night feeling awful and sick. going to toss my girl scout cookies. [was that too graphic?] i tried to just sleep it off but it was impossible.

so in the morning i woke up and took adam to school like normal. then went home to go back to sleep like normal. and then i just couldn’t get up. my stomach was awful. it hates me. now my poor child is not very happy with me.

i slept until 3. and have only eaten some cereal and a roll. which my stomach turned against instantly.

so i’ve slept more.

i’m sorry baby.

you are probably more hungry than usual.

good thing mommy has packed on lots of extra pounds that will fortify you for the time being.

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Katy said...

I just ate some samoas. and tagalongs. Like literally five minutes ago. and now I feel bad because they sure tasted great to me! 'tis girl scout cookie season. darn them.