papa adam

i can’t imagine having a baby without adam.

and i can’t imagine anyone else being more excited than he is everyday.

literally everyday. every morning. every second.

when he texts me he asks how i am feeling. then he asks how the baby is doing.

in the morning, he first squishes me to wake me up

{while i try to push him off}

i am the worst morning person ever

and then he rubs my stomach and talks to the baby. sometimes he’ll kiss it to say good morning.


yes. but i love it.

i am glad he so happy and so excited to be a father.

even if our baby will be annoyed of him [which adam admits full heartedly] because he will constantly squish and kiss him.

smother smother smother. but adam is excited.

[adam has also expressed his desire to dress our baby up in funny outfits and take pictures.] i don’t know if i am excited about this….


Marissa said...

Adorable. You guys are too cute, and I'm soo excited for you! He's a lucky baby, to have all that love already! Hope you're doing well, and that the morning sickness calms down!

leean robinson said...

You guys are too cute with this baby yet to be born. I hope you both still feel this way when "baby" rules your world. (although I think he already does with you Megan)