bring it on Braxton

i’ve been having {awesome} braxton hicks contractions now that i’m in the last leg of my journey.

it actually has been going on for some time but i always just thought the baby was doing something weird. now i realize all the tightening and uncomfortable-ness of it is in fact contractions


they don’t hurt. {yet} but they are darn uncomfortable. it tires me out. sometimes it feels like all my insides are being pinched together. lame.

but. i heard this is a good thing. in a way. my body is practicing. so i hope it’s getting some good practice time in so we can get this baby out smoothly and easily.

{no complications.}

that’s the goal.

so as long as you do me right, braxton, keep on practicing. i’ll encourage you along the way to make sure you don’t lose sight of the main goal here.

healthy baby boy. healthy baby boy.

not a lot of pain. not a lot of pain.

that’s my chant.


Traci Butler said...

You are the woman if you can keep that chant going during labor :) and not try to strangle everyone in reaching distance!

Is it just me or has your pregnancy gone by really really fast??

Anonymous said...

wait so you picked braxton? you need to inform me of these things.

The Smith Family said...

Glad to hear you're hanging in there. Contractions are a weird sensation, eh? I like the "not a lot of pain" chant...I've been chanting it with my braxton hicks-turned painful contractions! Not too much longer to go (for either of us, yay!). Have you decided on a name yet? We still haven't decided yet...

Amber Marie said...

instead of chanting "not a lot of pain" it would probably help better to focus more on "relaxed and comfortable" :)