my daily struggle

this morning i woke up really early from some psycho dream and realized i was starving. but i was pretty sure it was only 5 am.

i put it off and tried to go back to sleep.

{sleep trumps all in my book}

then i could feel the little boy kicking me lots. he was hungry too. and being the good mom i am i told him to wait cause mommy was too tired and went back to sleep. {this will not be what happens when he for reals comes, i assure you}

then i had to wake up to take adam to school. and i was still exhausted. i told adam i was starving. but i was too tired to even think about food.

to which he replied: “this is your daily struggle huh? to sleep or eat. everyday you have to choose.”

{it’s true.}

i still haven’t gotten breakfast.

i’m still trying to find my energy to pour that cereal.


Stacey said...

Hey, tell your friend Whitney, if she needs a videographer, I could do it!

chad and lemae said...

just put some food by your bed when you go to sleep at night and then you can eat while you are still half asleep in the morning