bigger is better, and better is bigger, a little bit is never enough, NO NO NO!!

So if you remember this magical experience, you will be happy to know we were at it again. But we definitely improved our technique.

{Step One:} Tie strings across the living room from a hook, to the entertainment center, to the vent.



{Step Two:} Put duct tape on knots to prevent slippage


{Step Three:} Find every blanket in the house and drape over strings

DSC03850  DSC03859

{Step Four:}  Put all remaining quilts, sleeping bags, pillows and pads inside to help cushion the painfully hard church carpeting


{Step Five:} Watch Harry Potter while eating Macaroni and Cheese and large bowls of ice cream and popcorn.



Pretty much the best way to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.

I told Adam during Sacrament meeting a couple of weeks ago that after church I wanted to make pancakes and build a fort. So we did. We were first planning on eating pancakes inside the fort but then decided that was risky. It was still a success.

The fort took up half of our living room. IT WAS AWESOME! The one downside: awfully, painful, {basically} concrete carpeting. After 20 minutes my bum hurt. Not so easy sitting when you have 20 extra pounds weighing down on your buttocks.

But we loved it anyways!!

We are cool, huh?

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