i want my baby

Last week {was it just last week?} me and adam were watching t.v.

Of course.

And the show we were watching was showing an episode where one of the main character’s daughter was pregnant. the mom was livid and she wanted her to get an abortion.

Jump to the moment where the girl is about to get the abortion and the doctor/friend is telling her what she believes. she says:

“I believe life doesn’t begin until birth. Up until then, you are in charge of your body and the fetus is not really a life.”

Or something to that effect.

I then proceeded to cry.

“How could people believe that?!” I cried out to Adam.

I didn’t understand it. How could you believe that there is no life {real} inside of you? How could you doubt that after even 8 months what you have been carrying inside of you isn’t a real person but just a… thing?

My baby is real. My baby is a life. I can’t deny that what I feel inside me everyday isn’t a little person living and growing.

I know already who my baby is. I know he already has his likes, dislikes, needs, wants, quirks, and personality. What I feel is not just a unknown thing living off of me.

He’s my baby. And I can’t wait to get to know him.

I just want him. I want to cuddle with him and kiss him and hug him and hold him.

The wait is killing me.


Hannah said...

oh! i want you to have your baby too! (but in april...so he's healthy)

kelsey anne said...

Are you watching Private Practice?!