oh the dears


{courtney, whitney, me, holli, amy, heather}

i like these girls a lot.


and i miss them a lot. 


on saturday we were able to all get together for lunch and catch up. [minus heather who is serving the Lord. boo-yah!]

it was the highlight of my week by far.

thank you for coming girls!

let’s not wait til another one of us is pregnant to all be together again. :)



Holli said...

hahaha. wow. I really did ruin all these pictures. Thanks for putting that together, megan. It had been way too long since we'd all been together.

Anonymous said...

i dunno. we could probably convince whitney to take one for the team and get pregnant (after marriage, of course) so we can get together again.

Courtney Danae said...

ha ha. yeah, whitney would be next. so she would have to get on that one. megan thanks for getting us all together. I love you all!!! Miss you.