hello, penguin

I am starting to waddle. Penguin style. Not that I’m really huge that I need to waddle, but my muscles and bones are starting to hurt really bad that the only way I can walk is by walking with my legs apart. And try my best to not move my hip joints. And it works for the most part. Besides Adam laughing at me because I look ridiculous.

Actually his real words are:

“You look like you pooped your pants. Cause from behind you don’t look pregnant so people walking behind you are probably like ‘Did that girl poop her pants? I don’t want to walk behind her if she just pooped her pants. How embarrassing.’ If I saw someone walking like you on campus that would be the first thing I would think. Not all pregnant people waddle so it’s hard to tell.”

Thanks babe.

I laughed pretty insanely hard.

This all happened in the .2 seconds that it took to drive back from my friend Amy’s. I almost wish it all played out while we were at her apartment so someone else could experience this ridiculous and crude conversation.

But here is how I look now. When I went over to Amy’s tonight, the first thing she said was, “Oh my gosh, you’re huge!!” Yes. Yes I am.

DSC03834 (my head looks weird..)

And the view looking down. As you can see, my feet are not longer existent.


4 more months!

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