Hey Guess What!

This is kind of the post I've been building up to. But I wanted to do it right and in order. But guys... I have an announcement....

Yep. It's legit. And official. And I'm loving it!!!!!!

Adam proposed to me while we were in Arizona. He totally surprised me (and kind of lied to me) and it was amazing. I kept asking him when we were driving down if he was going to propose soon or talk to my parents or what he was thinking. But, like a good boy to make it special, he kept telling me he was too busy to think about it and to just relax. I was getting kind of upset about it because I felt like he was never going to propose. I mean... I had already found my dress!! (see the post of the finding of the dress here. and i found it early because my mom almost made me so we wanted to look early, yadda yadda....) But he waited until Valentine's Day and popped the question. He started asking me questions at dinner about all the things we had done together. Then we walked around the temple and he showed me this picture slideshow that he had made for me. I was of course really teary eyed and emotional during the whole thing. (he told me later he did it to prep up my emotions, clever kid) I thought it was just a present for Valentine's Day so I wasn't really thinking anything of it. Then he said, "Well you have been asking me a lot of questions this weekend. And the truth is I have been lying to you. I already talked to your parents." That's when I knew what was happening. I started crying more and he got down and proposed to me. It was so wonderful and perfect and I loved all of it. I am so grateful for Adam. He really knows how to speak to me and makes me understand things. He also is always so loving and forgiving. He makes me feel so special and makes me love myself because he loves me. He is perfect for me and I am so glad I found him. I do feel bad cause I was kind of a brat at first... but hopefully he forgives me by now and just loves me. Cause I really love him!!

We are getting married on MAY 1st in the Mesa, Arizona Temple. We are then having open houses in California and Illinois. So start posting your addresses so I can send invitations!!!!


Traci and Marcus said...

Hey Congrats on your engagement! And your ring is so pretty!

Jacob said...

Awesome!! I'm so happy for you.

3811 E Dewberry Ave. 85206

Heather said...

So cute!!! I'm so happy for you!

Katy said...

Bahaha! I KNEW Adam had a sparkle in his eyes when you guys were chattin' with me at Milano's! Congrats Megan. Oh the address is:

1849 S. Power Rd.
Apt. 1372
Mesa 85206