it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

well it did at least.

I just wanted to share a couple of pictures of our cozy little Christmas and some of my favorite decorations.

I made this wreath from some $1 ornaments from Target and a wire hanger. I think it turned out great!DSC04828 

I got the stockings from my sister and at Michael’s so they were free/cheap. then I just added the felt and buttons. they are really simple and not fancy at all… sometimes I get really critical of them and tell Adam all the mistakes. but for now I think they are cute and have that “one-of-a-kind” look which I loveDSCF0260

DSCF0263DSCF0267 DSCF0266  

when we first got married, my sister gave me these great little Christmas ornaments. I really like the color of them when they are all bunched together. so I put them in this little glass vase I had. I always liked when the Christmas lights hit it just right and is glowed. it was probably one of my favorite decorations I put out just because of the great colors it put off.


top of the entertainment center.DSC04855

I won this Nutcracker at a Mesa High School assembly. it was so random and I loved it! I remember later that day a friend in my homeroom tried to break a candy cane with it to see if it really worked and then it broke. so since we weren’t doing anything and it was half-day before Christmas break, our teacher let us go to the shop class and they glued it back together for me. GOOD TIMES!DSC04858

our cute little 3 foot Christmas tree. We didn’t have an actual Christmas tree topper so I used this star ornament my parents sent me from the Marshall Islands. the locals made it with leaves and sea shells. it’s pretty cool looking.

I also wrapped like every tiny little present I could just to make it look like a lot. that may seem dumb or shallow but whatever… I thought it made it look fun.DSC04839 

this was Elijah’s ornament I got for his First Christmas. I got it from I love it!! it looks so much better in person too. I was pleasantly surprised at how good of a job they did.DSC04845

and this the panoramic view that Adam caught of our Christmas-y little place. please don’t mind the mess-ups in the picture. we are still trying out the new camera and it’s features. but it still looks cool don’t ya think? (also, please don’t mind the messy table/clutter…)


anyways, thanks for letting me share with you!

our apartment definitely seems more bare and sad with all the decorations gone… until next year!


Sarah said...

Cute decorations! Question, where on the Marshall Islands are your parents? We flew to Guam for break and had a layover in Majuro.

Daniel and Whitney Condie said...

I really like the ornament wreath! I'll have to see if I can find any clearance ornaments still and try that for next year.