Elijah sleeps by himself now.

in his crib

all the way through the night

without making a peep…usually

that’s like 10-12 hours!

no feedings, no 3am crying that lasts for hours

{knock on wood}

and he hasn’t even cried much as we tried to fix his routine!

{bonus points}

i know i’m like 7 months behind all the more awesome mamas out there but hey at least i got there


i can honestly say i feel like such a better mom when i get sleep!

looooooove it.


Melissa said...

huzzah huzzah!!!!! that's the best feeling when they do that! =)

Melissa said...

big big thumbs up! Eli needs to come teach my boys a thing or two about sleeping! :)

Laurie said...

You're not behind, you are way ahead of wherever I was at that stage as a mother. Great job?

Matt and Blair said...

I'm so glad for you, Megan! I wish Elise would sleep well like she used to. Maybe I'll just have to wait until she's Elijah's age, but I hope not. How did you do it?

Dallin and Ashley said...

awesome!!!!! I need to work on Reagan getting her from her bassinet into her own crib. I think she would do fine, its me that will have a hard time. I hate if I can't hear her breathing! hahaha

Laurie said...

I meant GREAT JOB!!!