it’s in his blood

DSCF0275 DSCF0274

this little boy is obsessed with dad’s guitar.

it’s his favorite “toy” (which is why we had to hide it… to many crashes)

Adam has tried to take it out more often to play and Eli will try to strum the strings along with him. he’ll also “sing” which really just sounds like screaming.

(side story: the other day I was in the shower and I could hear Elijah screaming really loud non-stop. I was really confused because he seemed perfectly happy right before I got in the shower. so I peeked out and asked Adam what was going on and he said he was happily singing along with him even though it sounded like he was really mad and screaming. funny kid…)


looks like little E is bound to be as musically talented as his daddy!


kate lines said...

hahaha! i'd love to hear him "singing."

Laurie said...

And musically talented like his mom.