an even bigger mover and shaker

first he rolled

then he crawled

then he pulled himself up

and now he walks!!!

Untitled from Megan Robinson on Vimeo.

**I was trying to get a picture of Elijah growling (which he has done a lot lately) and while I was waiting for the perfect moment he stood up and started taking a couple of steps. I started freaking out (as you can tell by the video) and quickly took video of it. SO CRAZY!!

unfortunately, he has yet to replicate his huge accomplishment but at least we got video to prove he did it the first time!

but sorry I sound so crazy, I was really excited!


Anonymous said...

You do not sound crazy at all!!! And way to go Elijah!!!! My girls started taking their first steps at that age too.. but I dont think it was as good as he was doing--- I can't believe he's that big already!


mike and breanna devlin said...

He is so stinkin' cute!! He has the best smile too! You guys definitely make cute babies!

Sara said...

That is awesome!!! He looks so proud of himself! SO CUTE!

Michelle said...

I just cannot get enough of that ADORABLE chunker!!! :-)

Amber Marie said...

very adorable! i love those first steps!!

holli h. said...

look at him go!!