Valentine’s Winner


since only 3 people entered my little “contest”…..

and I was feeling very gracious to them for actually reading my blog**….

I decided to give Amie, Stacey and Hannah a Valentine’s gift!!!


and THANK YOU  for reading!!

just send me your addresses and I will mail off your Valentine’s Day sweets!

(solid, milk chocolate heart and conversation hearts okay?? :) )


and in case you were wondering the answers to the pop stars and song lyrics, they are:

1. Cher - Believe
2. Gwen Stafani - Spiderwebs
3. Janelle Monae - Tightrope
4. Keisha - Your Love Is My Drug
5. Madonna - Vogue


Amie, Stacey, and Hannah, thanks again for entering and your treats will come soon!



**do only 3 people really read my blog?? not that i don’t appreciate them! cause i most certainly do! i’m just, you know, wondering….


Hannah said...

yay! you really don't have to send me anything; i love your blog!

Brittany said...

I READ IT!!!! I saw the answers on your facebook page so i thought it would be lame to enter. I love your blog and I love when you update it :) Plus Elijah is so stinkin cute, how could I not read your blog.

amber said...

Oh I read all the time! I was planning on coming back and entering because I didn't have time when I first read over it, but I'm here! I read! :)

Stacey said...

1597 N. Cota Lane
Thatcher, AZ 85552

Sara said...

FORGOT TO ENTER! :(!!!!!!!!!!!! I READ IT MEG!!

Jenny said...

I didn't actually know who anyone was. Haha. Guess my pop music education is a little lacking...