it’s funny how the littlest things become the biggest milestones

this is actually Eli’s 2nd time rolling over. Adam put him down on his stomach on the play mat earlier while he was working on an essay. he started squawking a bit but nothing like crazy crying so we were trying to let him learn how to be by himself (he looooooves attention and wants you looking at him all the time or he gets angry). all of a sudden he stopped and Adam looked down at him and he was on his back. Elijah looked like he was in shock with what just happened and Adam said, “Um, he just rolled over…”

so like any good parents we grabbed our camera and tried to get him to do it again. at that point, he just laid there quietly for a while like he was exhausted from rolling over the first time. but eventually he got into position again and we videotaped it.

i love it!

and i love him!

and it does kind of make me a teensy-bit sad to realize he’s already growing up so fast….

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Spencer and Sara said...

I can't believe how fast they grow. We need to get together. I am dreading school. Like seriously cry about it every day. ugh. Elijah is too cute. I'm glad you caught it on camera.