i’m so excited, and i just can’t hide it

do you want to hear something totally awesome??

i won this lovely girl’s giveaway!!

that’s right.

this other lovely girl is going to draw a personalized portrait of my little family.

when i got the email, i literally starting jumping around the house

eli looked at me like i was nuts.

maybe i am.

but i’m still so excited!!

i will most definitely post pictures when its done

oh happy day


amber said...

Lucky! That is an awesome thing to win! I hope some day to win a giveaway. :) Definitely post pictures when it's done!

Amy said...

that is so cool!! you guys are gonna be so classy!

Amber Marie said...

wow, congrads! what a neat thing to win. i won a pettiskirt from design mom many years ago. ryan thought i had won a Mercedes I was so excited. so i feel your joy! :)