Happy 4th! and getting nostalgic

DSC02222edited[first 4th of July together: Sycamore, IL 2008]

edited 1[West Jordan Rodeo 2009]

DSC04228  DSC04229
[West Jordan Rodeo 2010]

[haven’t taken any pictures yet for 2011 cause we’re still in pajamas :)]

it’s fun to look back over the last 3 years and see what we’ve done & how we’ve changed
especially to see how our little family has grown

and that is what i’m grateful for this INDEPENDENCE DAY

i’m grateful for the freedoms i enjoy that let me have a family
worship with my family
be happy with my family
love my family
do things with my family

on saturday i asked adam what he thought was he was grateful for being an American citizen
he said, “to be able to travel and move on my own free will”

i told him mine:
“to be able to worship and be happy as we choose to be (within the laws of course)”

we are truly blessed to live in a country that allows us to have so many freedoms

it may not be a perfect
people are imperfect
but i know that the foundations our forefathers set for us were truly inspired
and i wouldn’t want to live anywhere else


Anonymous said...

Looking back on pics is so fun!

Shay said...

I love this- your little boy is so cute! And I love your reasons why you love America- something I know I definitely take for granted!

Veronica Lee said...

Your little is indeed cute!! Love the pics!

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
Have a nice day!