being a Stronger Marriage blogger


i had adam proof-read a Stronger Marriage blog post i wrote the other day before i sent it on the my mentor.
he told me it was fine, good, makes sense, and then went silent.

“are you being honest? does it really suck?” i asked.
“no, it’s fine,” he said.
“well then what is it?”
“your articles are good. but i feel like sometimes your posts don’t always reflect our real life.”

that statement really hit me.

was i a total hypocrite?
was i giving others false ideas that me and my marriage was perfect?
was i trying as hard in my marriage as i encourage others to try?

[for the record, adam is very supportive of the Stronger Marriage blog and is happy with me :)]

in an attempt to help ease some misconceptions i may have portrayed in my articles, i wanted to write and tell everyone:
i am not perfect.

my husband and i fight just like other couples fight.
there were times at the beginning of our marriage where i doubted our relationship.

we have petty arguments.
we have big arguments.
we have misunderstandings as most couples do.
we get on each other’s nerves.
we have pet peeves.
we hurt each other’s feelings.
and we apologize & try to be better.

more often than not, i choose topics to write about that helped me learn valuable lessons.
usually the topics are are ones that i needed to apply to myself.
and because they helped me a lot, i choose to share it with others.

no, my husband and i are far from being a perfect couple.
but that doesn’t mean we aren’t committed to doing our best.

we try and work things out and vow we’ll be better next time.
sometimes our promises follow through and sometimes they don’t
but then we try and try again.

and i hope that is what is shown through my posts
the real struggle/dedication/commitment/hard work that we put into our relationship

and that is the message i want conveyed to readers
that marriage is work.
your relationship can become happier as you put forth the effort.


Anonymous said...

you are simply amazing. I love reading your blogs. I may only be in a relationship, but I want it to become marriage and so does he(Grant) one day. I think these blogs really help show me and others how relationships need work, and as I like to say... water. Every relationship is a plant, and it needs to be constantly watered by each partner, otherwise the plant or the relationship with diminish and die.

I think that if the reader knows you, like I do, then we will know that you two aren't perfect. No one is, but no one is.

Thank you again for inspiring me, and other women alike.

Sarah and Preston

pinch those cute lil cheecks of Eli for me!

Unknown said...

Yes, marriage is a work in progress. There are no perfect marriages. The reality of that stares me in the face daily. Fairy Tale weddings like Cinderella, Snow White, & The Little Mermaid simply don't exist. If not for God I really don't know where our marriage would be, but with God all things are possible and I thank Him everyday!

Blessings to you & Adam!

Bluebird Kisses said...

I know what you mean about marriage being a work in progress. I have my husband proof read mine too...and he often criticizes!

Allison Rose Sauber said...

Lovely Megan,

Your posts are beautiful. I love the honesty your husband speaks with and I love the continued reflection the two of you have over your marriage. Your marriage appears so healthy, not perfect, but perfectly health.


Allison Rose Sauber said...

perfectly healthy *

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