my favorite {outfit} lately

photo (31)

this has been my favorite outfit as of late

[i don’t really post my outfits on here but i love this one so much i wanted to share]

complete with this awesome ring
{and my creepy eye}

photo (32)

i discovered it when i realized:
A. i can’t afford new clothes so i need to mix it up
B. i actually went out with a friend without a baby and could get pretty (even if it didn’t last long)
C. this skirt has so many possibilities! best $6.50 ever spent :)

too bad this outfit got ruined in about 10 minutes of wear because of a certain 1-year-old that will remain nameless….

he got pasta sauce/chocolate/cheese/milk all over my shirt & skirt
why does he have so much food on hand to begin with you may ask??
because he’s an absolute chunker!!
he never stops eating that one

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Kelsey said...

i tried this today! and i failed lol. I need your help finding new outfits in my closet. come over :)