E’s mischief: part too-many-to-keep-track

 see all of E-rock’s toys & books sitting there neatly
ready for him to play…

photo (11)


see the huge mess E-rock made instead!!

photo (12)

he got alllllll the shoes, shirts, belts, and laundry basket out by the time i caught him.

the little stinker.

can someone tell me again whhhyyyyy little kids like to make huge messes instead of playing nicely with their toys??

blows my mind.


remember the giveaway!!


Unknown said...

haha story of my life. zaks was getting into the toilet when i wasn't looking, luckily i am smarter than him and put the gate up so he can't go in his bathroom.

gotta love the children.

angiedunn said...

oh. how. i. feel. it.

i asked myself the same question when i found my 2 year old in a giant pile of spinach on the carpet today.

kids these days. equally frustrating and hilarious.

Gentri said...

Hahaha! I'm sorry. I guess it's fun. Haha!

holli h. said...

did you see jheri's pics of harlee in the fireplace with soot all over her? soot is way better that the little tikes roller coaster thing in the family room, obviously. hilarious.