s’mores are not for lazy people

adam and eli

i’ve realized since i’ve gotten married that i have gotten progressively lazier.

which is easy to do when your husband is very kind and willing to serve

i had this epiphany while we were making s’mores with some couple friends of ours and i noticed the husbands/boyfriends making s’mores for their significant others. i, on the other hand, was forced to make my own s’more because adam was kindly holding onto E-rock and introducing him to fire.

[that last statement about the fire is beyond the point but it makes this story more interesting]
[but it was true]
[just not relevant]
[but now adam’s family should be warned we may have a 2nd generation pyro on our hands]

as i sat there eating only two of the my typical bajillion melty concoctions, i thought to myself how i would totally make adam make me the treats like the other girls if he hadn’t been holding a big fat baby. and then i wished he wasn’t holding a baby cause i didn’t want to get up again even though i wanted to overdose on sugar.

[it was an epic inner battle]

and then i said to myself:
“self, you really are a lazy bag of bones trying to make your husband do everything”

i try to play it off like i’m just tired and worn out from chasing a little boy around all day
{which is partially true}
but i think i just like using those words to justify myself when i ask adam {kindly} to get me a drink with some cookies and ice cream and to also blow my nose while painting my toenails

and the thing is
he would totally do it!
and i’m pretty sure he would actually do all that crazy stuff i just said too
[in fact i know he would cause of this post]

he is just such a nice guy
he truly is
and he’s constantly putting my needs first and trying to find ways to serve me

{he does a good job}

and i know i need to reciprocate!

he does so much for me and i take it for granted

so i decided to make him a s’more instead
and he gave me a big smile and said thank you
and i felt good

hopefully i can remember this lesson and this feeling and serve him more day-to-day
because i know it could only bring us closer together
and help us be much happier

plus he might be more willing to get up and get me drinks if i do it back
its a win-win-{win}

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Ashley said...

Gosh, I can relate to that so well. My husband is happy to do things for me and I will admit that I got used to it pretty quickly. It's a good reminder to do it back. :]